Our objective is always to exceed client expectations with outstanding candidates. We successfully achieve our objectives with a well-defined six-step process.
1. Develop A Thorough Understanding and Assessment of the Client

This involves meeting with key executives in the client’s organization to ascertain its mission, personality, and philosophy. During this phase, a review of organizational structures, backgrounds of executives, official and unofficial lines of authority and responsibility, are conducted. The organization’s future plans and programs, perceived strengths and weaknesses, and the political climate are discussed. The status of potential internal candidates will also be reviewed. Perceptions about the organization’s stature and attractiveness to potential candidates are crucial to developing a good organizational profile. Therefore, factors regarding the organization, which may aid or hinder recruitment, will be thoroughly assessed. This initial phase becomes the foundation for developing a strong partnership and effective working relationship between the client organization and W. Tucker and Associates.

2. Develop A Comprehensive Understanding of the Position

In discussions with key executives, personal and professional attributes for the position are established. A recruitment profile is developed that includes a clear description of the recruitment criteria, which will serve as a profile for the ideal candidate. This profile can be prepared by the client and or W. Tucker and Associates from information provided by management personnel who have key relationships with the position to be filled. It is imperative that this position profile consists of realistic requirements and experience levels because it is the standard against which potential candidates are recruited and evaluated.

3. Develop Search Strategy Aimed At Attracting The Most Qualified Candidates

During this phase, the objective is to accumulate a strong pool of candidates. We will work with the client to identify appropriate candidates. Organizations are targeted as sources of candidates and geographical preferences are established. We will also finalize recruitment plans and time lines. W. Tucker and Associates will use various candidate solicitation methods, including direct scoring based upon industry research, our candidate data bank, and contacts with appropriate professional associations. Since individuals with the desired qualities are not usually actively looking to make a change, they must be recruited. An effective strategy is crucial to a successful recruitment and W. Tucker and Associates works closely with the client in developing the search strategy.

4. Evaluate Potential Candidates

W. Tucker and Associates uses a direct approach in locating candidates who meet position specifications. We search for individuals with established patterns of success and accomplishments. Potential candidates and sources of candidates, identified through our research, are contacted and encouraged to become candidates or referral sources. Once the candidate pool is established, the candidates are screened against a candidate-rating instrument, which is based on the job requirements. The most qualified candidates are interviewed to ascertain a comprehensive understanding of their background, accomplishments and potential. Additionally, candidates are evaluated to determine their overall suitability as a member of the client’s management team, as well as their strengths and limitations. It is our policy to conduct reference checks, ascertain degree verification on all finalists, and to conduct employment background investigations as required for the search.

The most qualified candidates are selected for presentation to the client. We prepare a candidate profile, which details each candidate’s background, experience, education and accomplishments. Additionally, reference summaries and W. Tucker and Associates professional appraisals are provided.

5. Presentation Of Final Candidates

W. Tucker and Associates works closely with the client and final candidates to arrange personal interviews. If requested, interview questions and rating forms are provided. Additional selection processes such as assessment centers, psychological evaluations, and interview boards are also available options. While the hiring decision is always the client’s, we are prepared to assist with negotiations relative to terms and conditions of employment. We maintain a very close relationship with both candidate and client during the offer/acceptance period.

6. Candidate And Client Follow-Up

After the Executive is hired, W. Tucker and Associates will remain in close contact with the client, and monitor the progress of the candidate every few months for the first six to nine months.

Our firm operates under Equal Opportunity Employment and ADA guidelines in conducting executive search assignments.

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